Survey Camp

Survey Camps are part of surveying and Geospatial Engineering courses GMAT3150 and GMAT4150 Field Projects held at Berry Sport and Recreation Centre (Berry NSW, south coast). GMAT3150 is a 5-day off campus extensive practical training. The aim is to broaden and deepen the knowledge of surveying instrumentation, field methods, and surveying software in a team of 3-4 students and various tasks. A specific task at higher level is usually be carried out by 4th year students enrolled in GMAT4150. The site photo below was taken using a drone during UAS aerial photogrammetry practice in July 2016.

This location is within restricted airspace R421A. A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) for this airspace provides activation time frames. No drone/RPAS operations are permitted if the airspace is activated. It is usually between 22-11 UTC time. Please note that NSW is in +10 time zone or +11 for EDST. The current NOTAM can be obtained from National Aeronautical Information Processing System (NAIPS) website YSNW, NWX and TSX should be inquired on NAIPS website. Here is an example of a NOTAM:

R421A ACT (RA1)
    SFC TO FL125
    FROM 03 032200 TO 03 080230
       1903032200 TO 1903041100
       1903042200 TO 1903051100
       1903052200 TO 1903061100
       1903062200 TO 1903071100
       1903072200 TO 1903080230