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S-1 J. S. Allman, "An Analysis of the Reliability of Barometric Elevations", 335 pp, 1968, Unisurv S1 Thesis

R. S. Mather, "The Free Air Geoid for South Australia and Its Relation to the Equipotential Surfaces of the Earth's Gravitational Field", 491 pp, 1968, Unisurv S2.
Published in two volumes.

Report Vol 1

Report Vol 2

S-3 G. G. Bennett, "Theoretical and Practical Study of a Gyroscopic Attachment for a Theodolite", 343 pp, 1970, Unisurv S3, ISBN 0-85839-001-9 Thesis
S-4 J. C. Trinder, "Accuracy of Monocular Pointing to Blurred Photogrammetric Signals", 231 pp, 1970, Unisurv S4, ISBN 0-85839-000-0 Thesis
S-5 J. G. Fryer, "The Effect of the Geoid on the Australian Geodetic Network", 221 pp, 1970, Unisurv S5 Thesis 
S-6 G. F. Toft, "The Registration and Cadastral Survey of Native-Held Rural Land in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea", 441 pp, 1968, Unisurv S6 Thesis 
S-7 A. H. Campbell, "The Dynamics of Temperature in Surveying Steel and Invar Measuring Bands", 195 pp, 1971, Unisurv S7, ISBN 0-85839-008-6 Thesis 
S-8 A. Stolz, "Three-D Cartesian Co-ordinates of Part of the Australian Geodetic Network by the Use of Local Astronomic Vector Systems", Unisurv S8, 182 pp, 1972, ISBN 0-85839-010-8  Thesis 
S-9 H. L. Mitchell, "Relations between Mean Sea Level and Geodetic Levelling in Australia", 264 pp, 1973, Unisurv S9, ISBN 0-85839-013-2  Thesis 
S-10 A. J. Robinson, "Study of Zero Error and Ground Swing of the Model MRA101 Tellurometer", Unisurv S10, 200 pp, 1973, ISBN 0-85839-015-9  Thesis 

R. S. Mather & P. V. Angus-Leppan (eds), "Symposium on Earth's Gravitational Field and Secular Variations in Position", xv + 740 pp, 26-30 November 1973,
Unisurv S11, ISBN 0-85839-016-7

The session-by-session files are listed below for individual downloading. Please note that not all papers are printed in the correct order.
The session-by-session files may not contain all papers of a session and may contain the odd paper from another session.

Session A (Astro-Geodetic Methods) only, with papers by W. Markowitz, M. Feissel, H.J.M Abraham, I. Fischer

Session B (Combination Methods) only, with papers by R.H. Rapp, E. Groten, J. Hopkins, E.G. Anderson

Session C (Geoid Determinations) only, with papers by R.S. Mather, S. Vincent & J.G. Marsh, G.F.T. Obenson

Session D (Secular Variations in Gravity, Boundary Value Problem) only, with papers by J.D. Boulanger, G. Barta, N. Fujita & Y. Fujii, J. Nedoma, J.C. Bhattacharji, A.H.W. Kearsley

Session E (Interpretations of the Gravity Field) only, with papers by W.M. Kaula, J.C. Dooley, B.D. Johnson & T.J. Lee, W. Anfiloff & R.D. Shaw

Session F (Laser Ranging to Satellites SLR) only, with papers by D.E. Smith et al., K.M. Ong, H.H. Plotkin, P. Paquet & R. Dejaiffe

Session G (Very Long Baseline Interferometry VLBI) only, with papers by P.F. Macdoran, J.S. Gubbay et al., I.D. Lloyd

Session H (Lunar Laser Ranging LLR) only, with papers by W.M. Kaula, J. McK. Luck et al., W.E. Carter & J.D. Williams, J.W. Siry

Session I (Statistical Techniques) only, with papers by H. Moritz, G. Seeber, Y. Hagiwara, A. Bjerhammar, B.D. Tapley & B.E. Schutz

Session J (Mathematical Models and Earth Parameters) only, with papers by P. Melchior, I.I. Mueller, R.H. Rapp (see also pages 691-701 in Session M)

Session K (Sea Surface Topography) only, with papers by J.S. Godfrey, W. Sturges, H.L. Mitchell, R.S. Mather, J.R. Hollwey

Session L (Parameters Influencing Long Period Studies) only, with papers by L.U. Hibbard, R.D. Nason, E.W. Grafarend, P. Morgan

Session M (Metrology) only, with papers by A. Sakuma, P.H. Sydenham, B.C. Barlow et al. (See also page 716 in Session N)

Session N (Future Trends) only, with papers by P.V. Angus-Leppan, J.W. Siry & F.O. Vonbun, K. Lambeck, A.P.H. Werner & E.G. Anderson (includes Author Index and Subject Index)

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Session E

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Session I

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Session K

Session L

Session M

Session N 

S-12 G. J. F. Holden, "An Evaluation of Orthophotography in an Integrated Mapping System", Unisurv S12, 232 pp, 1974, ISBN 0-85839-014-0  Thesis 
S-13 G. J. Hoar, "The Analysis Precision and Optimisation of Control Surveys", 200 pp, 1975, Unisurv S13, ISBN 0-85839-022-1  Thesis 
S-14 E. G. Anderson, "The Effect of Topography on Solutions of Stokes` Problem", Unisurv S14, 252 pp, 1976, ISBN 0-85839-021-3 Thesis 
S-15 A. H. W. Kearsley, "The Computation of Deflections of the Vertical from Gravity Anomalies", 161 pp, 1976, Unisurv S15, ISBN 0-85839-023-X  Thesis 
S-16 K. Bretreger, "Earth Tide Effects on Geodetic Observations", Unisurv S16, 173 pp, 1978, ISBN 0-85839-028-0  Thesis 
S-17 C. Rizos, "The Role of the Gravity Field in Sea Surface Topography Studies", Unisurv S17, 299 pp, 1980, ISBN 0-85839-029-9  Thesis 
S-18 B. C. Forster, "Some Measures of Urban Residential Quality from LANDSAT Multi-Spectral Data", Unisurv S18, 223 pp, 1981, 0-85839-031-0  Thesis 
S-19 R. Coleman, "A Geodetic Basis for Recovering Ocean Dynamic Information from Satellite Altimetry", Unisurv S19, 332 pp, 1981, ISBN 0-85839-032-9  Thesis 
S-20 D. R. Larden, "Monitoring the Earth's Rotation by Lunar Laser Ranging", Unisurv S20, 280 pp, 1982, ISBN 0-85839-033-7  Thesis 
S-21 R. C. Patterson, "Approximation and Statistical Methods in Physical Geodesy", 179 pp, 1982, Unisurv S21, ISBN 0-85839-034-5  Thesis 
S-22 J. M. Rüeger, "Quartz Crystal Oscillators and the Effects on the Scale Stability and Standardisation of Electronic Distance Meters", 151 pp, 1982, Unisurv S22, ISBN 0-85839-035-3  Thesis 
S-23 I. P. Williamson, "A Modern Cadastre for New South Wales", 250 pp, 1983, Unisurv S23, ISBN 85839-038-8 Thesis 
S-24 K. R. Bullock, "Design Principles for Land Information Systems", 307 pp, 1984, Unisurv S24, ISBN ISBN 85839-039-6  Thesis 
S-25 E. G. Masters, "Application of Satellite Geodesy to Geodynamics", 208 pp, 1984, Unisurv S26, ISBN 0-85839-040-X  Thesis
S-26 A. C. Jones, "An Investigation of the Accuracy and Repeatability of Satellite Doppler Relative Positioning Techniques",. 226 pp, 1984, Unisurv S26, ISBN 0-85839-037-X  Thesis 
S-27 B. R. Harvey, "The Combination of VLBI and Ground Data for Geodesy and Geophysics", 239 pp, 1985, Unisurv S27, ISBN 0-85839-041-8  Thesis 
S-28 R. Eckels, "Surveying with GPS in Australia", 220 pp, 1987, Unisurv S28, ISBN 0-85839-045-0  Thesis 
S-29 G. S. Chisholm, "Integration of GPS into Hydrographic Survey Operations", Unisurv S29, 190 pp, 1987, ISBN 0-85839-046-9  Thesis 
S-30 G. A. Jeffress, "An Investigation of Doppler Satellite Positioning Multi-Station Software", Unisurv S30, 118 pp, 1987, ISBN 0-85839-047-7  Thesis 
S-31 J. Soetandi, "A Model for a Cadastral Land Information System for Indonesia", Unisurv S31, 168 pp, 1988, ISBN 0-85939-049-3  Thesis 
S-32 D. B. Grant, "Combination of Terrestrial and GPS Data for Earth Deformation Studies", 285 pp, 1990, Unisurv S32, ISBN 0-85839-050-7  Thesis 
S-33 R. D. Holloway, "The Integration of GPS Heights into the Australian Height Datum", Unisurv S33, 151 pp, 1988, ISBN 0-85839-051-5  Thesis 
S-34 R. C. Mullin, "Data Update in a Land Information Network", Unisurv S34, 168 pp, 1988, ISBN 0-85839-052-3  Thesis 
S-35 B. Merminod, "The Use of Kalman Filters in GPS Navigation", Unisurv S35, 203 pp, 1989, ISBN 0-85839-053-0  Thesis 
S-36 A. R. Marshall, "Network Design and Optimisation in Close Range Photogrammetry", Unisurv S36, 249 pp, 1989, ISBN 0-85839-054-X  Thesis 
S-37 W. Jaroondhampinij, "A Model of Computerised Parcel-Based Land Information System for the Department of Lands, Thailand", Unisurv S37, 281 pp, 1989, ISBN 0-85839-055-8  Thesis 
S-38 C. Rizos (Ed.), "Contributions to GPS Studies", Unisurv S38, 204 pp, 1990, ISBN 0-85839-056-6, includes papers by D. B Grant, C. Rizos & A. Stolz (Dealing with GPS Biases: Some Theoretical and Software Considerations, p. 1), C. Rizos & D. B. Grant (Time and the Global Positioning System, P. 45), B. Merminod (Resolution of the Cycle Ambiguities, p. 103), C. C. Mazur (A Study of the Variability and Precision of GPS Baseline Measurements, p. 155)  Thesis 
S-39 C. Bosloper, "Multipath and GPS Short Periodic Components of the Time Variation of the Differential Dispersive Delay", Unisurv S39, 214 pp, 1990, ISBN 0-85839-057-4 Thesis 
S-40 J. M. Nolan, "Development of a Navigational System Utilising the Global Positioning System in a Real Time, Differential Mode", Unisurv S40, 163 pp, 1990, ISBN 0-85839-058-2  Thesis 
S-41 R. T. Macleod, "The Resolution of Mean Sea Level Anomalies along the NSW Coastline Using the Global Positioning System", Unisurv S41, 278 pp, 1990, ISBN 0-85839-060-4  Thesis 
S-42 D. A. Kinlyside, "Densification Surveys in New South Wales - Coping with Distortions", Unisurv S42, 209 pp, 1992, ISBN 0-85839-062-0  Thesis 
S-43 A. H. W. Kearsley (ed.), "Contributions to Geoid Evaluations and GPS Heighting", Unisurv S43, 209 pp, 1993, ISBN 0-85839-063-9, includes papers by A. H. W. Kearsley & Z. Ahmad (Evaluation of the Geoid in the Philippines, pp. 1-88), A. Kasenda & A. H. W. Kearsley (A Preliminary Geoid for North-West Irian Jaya, pp. 89-126), Z. Ahmad, A. H. W. Kearsley & B. Harvey (Optimising GPS, Geoid and Tide Gauge Heights in Vertical Control Networks, pp. 127-209)  Thesis 
S-44 P. Tregoning, "GPS Measurements in the Australian and Indonesian Regions (1989-1993)", Unisurv S44, 134 + xiii pp, 1996, ISBN 0-85839-068-X  Thesis 
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S-47 Y. Huang, "A Digital Photogrammetry System for Industrial Monitoring", Unisurv S47, 145 + xiv pp, 1997, ISBN 0-85839-072-8  Thesis 
S-48 K. Mobbs, "Tectonic Interpretation of the Papua New Guinea Region from Repeat Satellite Measurements", Unisurv S48, 256 + xv pp, 1997, ISBN 0-85839-073-6  Thesis 
S-49 S. Han, "Carrier Phase-Based Long-Range GPS Kinematic Positioning", Unisurv S49, 185 + xi pp, 1997, ISBN 0-85839-074-4  Thesis 
S-50 M. D. Subari, "Low-cost GPS Systems for Intermediate Surveying and Mapping Accuracy Applications", Unisurv S50, 179 + xiii pp, 1997, ISBN 0-85839-075-2  Thesis 
S-51 L.-S. Lin, "Real-Time Estimation of Ionospheric Delay Using GPS Measurements", Unisurv S51, 199 + xix pp, 1997, ISBN 0-7334-1664-0  Thesis 
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S-59 X.-Q. Lu, "Strategies for Improving the Determination of Displacements of Sea Surface Temperature Patterns Using Consecutive AVHRR Thermal Images", Unisurv S59, 209 + xiii pp, 2000, ISBN 0-7334-1721-3  Thesis 
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S-76 Y. K. Lee, "Integration of GPS/Pseudolites/INS for High Precision Kinematic Positioning and Navigation", Unisurv S76, 200 + xiv pp, 2004, ISBN 0-7334-2149-0  Thesis