The instruments listed below are identified by their unique catalogue numbers. Click on the instrument for more information.

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Micrometer theodolite Everest Troughton & Simms, England 0201
Exploration theodolite T12 Wild, Switzerland 0202

Optical micrometer

Th 1 Carl Zeiss, Germany 0203
Micrometer theodolite   Carl Bamberg, Germany 0204
Micrometer theodolite   E. R. Watts & Son, England 0205
Exploration theodolite T12 Wild, Swtizerland 0206
Precision optical
micrometer theodolite
T3 Wild, Switzerland 0207
Optical micrometer
ST156 Hilger & Watts Ltd., England 0208
Micrometer theodolite   Troughton & Simms, England 0209
Vernier theodolite   Stanley, England 0210
Mining vernier theodolite   Breithaupt, Germany 0211
Vertical staff
RDS Wild, Switzerland 0212
Photo-theodolite P30 Wild, Switzerland 0213
Optical micrometer
T1 Wild, Switzerland 0214
Optical scale-reading
K1-S Kern & Co., Switzerland 0215
Horizontal staff
RDH Wild, Switzerland 0216
Vernier theodolite   Hilger & Watts Ltd., England 0217
Vernier theodolite B236 W. F. S., England 0218
Micrometer theodolite   E. R. Watts & Son, England 0219
Vernier theodolite   Troughton & Simms, England 0220
High precision optical
micrometer theodolite
T4 Wild, Switzerland 0221
Gyro-theodolite   B. A. C., England 0222
Optical micrometer
Theo 010 Carl Zeiss, Germany 0223
Optical micrometer
T2 (E) Wild, Switzerland 0224
Optical scale-reading
T16 (E) Wild, Switzerland 0225
Optical micrometer
DKM2-AEM Kern & Co., Switzerland 0226
Optical micrometer
Th 2 Car Zeiss, Germany 0227
Optical scale-reading
Th 4 Carl Zeiss, Germany 0228
Striding level T2 attachment Wild, Switzerland 0229
Rotatable objective
T2 attachment Wild, Switzerland 0230
Diagonal eyepieces T2 attachment Wild, Switzerland 0231
Compass theodolite T0 Wild, Switzerland 0232
Precision motorised
electronic theodolite
TM3000 D Wild, Switzerland 0233
Diagonal eyepiece for Theo 010 Carl Zeiss, Germany 0234
Striding level for Theo 010 Carl Zeiss, Germany 0235
Horrebow level for Theo 010 Carl Zeiss, Germany 0236
 Repetition theodolite   Cooke, Troughton & Simms Ltd., England 0237
 Tribrach HP 11426A Hewlett Packard, USA 0238
 Prism adapter HP 11425A Hewlett Packard, USA 0239
 Optical plummet HP 11424 A Hewlett Packard, USA 0240
 Trivet (with tilting plate) Kern, Switzerland 0241
 Traversing targets Part of PZ equipment Kern, Switzerland 0242
 Traversing targets Part of PZ equipment Kern, Switzerland 0243
 Tilting plate tripod   Kern, Switzerland 0244
 Astrolabe attachment for Wild T2 Wild, Switzerland 0245
 Magnetic compass B3 Wild, Switzerland 0246
 Target rod for Th 2 Zeiss, Germany 0247
 Target rod for Th 2 Zeiss, Germany 0248
 Data reader GIF 10 Wild, Switzerland 0249
 Data reader GIF 12 Wild, Switzerland 0250
 Zenith/Nadir plummet (small) Kern & Co., Switzerland 0251
 Traversing target for Theo 010 Zeiss, Germany 0252
 RS-232 Interface GIF-2 (GRE3) Wild, Switzerland 0253
 Subtense bar BL 16-21 Wild, Switzerland 0254
 Subtense bar (2 m) Wild, Switzerland 0255
 Optical micrometer
T1A Wild, Switzerland 0256
 Optical micrometer
ST200-3 Hilger & Watts, England 0257