Navigation Lab Exploring Galileo's Future - and Beyond

Would you like to know the future of satellite navigation? Try ESA's Navigation Laboratory. This is a site where navigation engineers test prototypes of tomorrow's user receivers, using simulated versions of the navigation signals planned for the coming decade, such as set to be transmitted from Galileo's Second Generation satellites.

Jose Antonio Garcia Molina, heading ESA's Radio Navigation Systems and Techniques section, explains: "The Nav Lab has been fundamental for the design and development of the Galileo First Generation and is a key element for ongoing Galileo Second Generation activities. We're currently developing and evaluating test user receivers for this coming generation of satellites, so we have to simulate the new signals and services they're being designed for, with terrestrial 6G signals and beyond providing backup coverage."

Paolo Crosta, heading ESA's Commercial User Segment and Navigation Systems Validation section, adds: "The same approach was essential with Galileo First Generation. We began testing our first receivers many years in advance of the constellation being in place, because we needed a way of exploring the benefits they would bring once they were in place."

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