Space Force Wants Key Allies to Join 24/7 GPS Ops Center

The Defense Department is inviting seven of the closest US allies — the members of the Five Eyes intelligence coalition, plus France, Germany and Japan — to participate in operations of GPS satellites by assigning their own military personnel to serve alongside the Space Force’s 2nd Space Operations Squadron, according to the squadron’s commander.

“We’ll be offering this as an opportunity to those nations’ personnel,” Lt. Col. Robert Wray told reporters April 21 on a rare tour of the GPS ops floor here.

With the US, the Five Eyes allies are Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Wray explained that those countries have been involved for a number of years in the US military’s Schriever Wargames, which exercise space conflict scenarios, and that the invitation to join in GPS ops kicks this long-standing cooperation up a notch. (All seven of the countries participated in the most recent Schriever games, which ended March 31.)

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