Start Your Engines: How F1 Drivers Use GPS

GPS plays a quiet, but integral role in Formula 1 (F1) racing. In a sport where split-second reactions are vital, GPS helps drivers and their teams to improve race to race and navigate tracks safely.

GPS is used to determine the speed of the car, which is beneficial for such things as straight line aerodynamic testing. It also provides data as to how fast F1 cars accelerate, enabling drivers and their teams to predict how much power their competitors are producing on the track.

The streaming of location data can be converted to telemetry, such as what track maps viewers see on F1 broadcasts, that can determine which driver in a head-to-head scenario was faster on each sector of the track. This data is then used to work out strengths and weaknesses of cars relative to each other.

In addition, GPS plays a large role in creating a safe racing space.

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