Scientific and Mathematical Instrument

The instruments listed below are identified by their unique catalogue numbers. Click on the instrument for more information.

Name of instrument Maker Catalogue number
Trough compass A. Tornaghi, England 0101
Height gauge  Chesterman, England 0102
 Artificial horizon Troughton & Simms, England 0103
Surveyor's compass Unknown 0104
 Nautical sextant  Unknown  0105
 Clinometer  Unknown 0106
 Box sextant  Unknown 0107
 Pocket drawing compass  Unknown 0108
Station pointer  H. Hughes & Sons Ltd., England 0109
 Height gauge  Grey & Rushton, England 0110
 Rangerfinder Wild, Switzerland 0111
 Indian inclinometer  J. W. Handley, Australia 0112
 Altimeter  Wallace & Tierman, USA 0113
Time recorder Omega Watches, Switzerland 0114
 Planisphere chart  Unknown 0115
 Chronoscope  Lab-Tronics, Australia 0116
 Chronometer  Thomas Mercer Ltd., England 0117
 Chronometer  Thomas Mercer Ltd., England 0118
 Converter for time
signal receiver
 Unknown 0119
 Signal transmitter  Unknown 0120
 Chronograph FAVAG, Switzerland 0121
 Micrometer station pointer Tamaya & Co, Japan 0122
 Micrometer station pointer Tamaya & Co, Japan 0123
 Trough compass A. Tornaghi, England 0124
 Calculating machine Facit AB, Sweden 0125
 Calculating machine  Brunsviga, Grimme Natalis & Co,
 Calculating machine   Facit AB, Sweden 0127
Full circle compass  A. Tornaghi, England 0128
 Planisphere chart  Unknown 0129
 Eidograph  Troughton & Simms, England 0130
 Full circle compass  A. Tornaghi, England 0131
 Nautical sextant  Sextant Marine 0132
  * Prismatic compass E. R. Watts & Son, England 0133
 Service compass  Hilger & Watts Ltd., England 0134
 Liquid compass  Unknown 0135
 Declinatory instrument  Fennel, Germany 0136
 Sounding sextant  Kelvin & Hughes Ltd., England 0137
 Calculating machine  Facit AB, Sweden 0138
 Integrator  Stanley, England 0139
 Optical square  Precision Instrument Co, Australia 0140
 Steel tape  Chesterman, England 0141
 Steel tape  Chesterman, England 0142
 Stadia computer  J. Y. C. Richmond 0143
 Linen tape  John Rabone & Sons, England 0144
Gunther's chain Unknown 0145
Electronic calculator Canon, Japan 0146
Laptop personal computer Toshiba, Japan 0147
Pocket stereoscope Carl Zeiss, Germany 0148
Alidade William Ford Stanley (W. F. S),
Ewing stadialtimeter Esdaile & Sons, Australia 0150
Telescopic alidade Hilger & Watts Ltd, England 0151
Microptic alidade E. R. Watts & Son, England 0152
Plane table Unknown 0153
Echo sounder Raytheon Marine, England 0154
Rangefinder Wild, Switzerland 0155
Metric camera Rollei Fototechnik, Germany 0156
Artificial horizon Unknown 0157
Alidade Esdaile 0158
Abney level Sokkisha 0159
Abney level WRP 0160
Lettering set (Leroy II) Keuffel & Esser (K & E) 0161
Whirling psychrometer Casella 0162
Digital planimeter Tamaha 0163
Polar planimeter Allbrit 0164
Master grid template Haag & Streit 0165
Abney level Stanley 0166
Abney level Stanley 0167
Aneroid barometer Mechanism 0168
Aneroid barometer Thommen 0169
Precision aneroid
Thommen 0170
Marine GPS receiver Trimble Navigation 0171
Stereo micrometer Wild 0172
Mirror stereoscope Esdaile & Sons 0173
Mirror stereoscope Topcon 0174
Drafting set R. Reiss 0175
Double pentaprism Zeiss 0176
Double pentaprism Wild 0177
Double pentaprism Sokkisha 0178
Curta handheld
calculating machine
Cortina Ltd. 0179
Double pentaprism Stanley 0180
Single pentaprism Precision Instrument Co. 0181
Double pentaprism Hilger & Watts Ltd. 0182

* This instrument was missing from the collection during the relocation of the School of Geomatic Engineering in July 2000. Please inform the School and the NSW Police if you come across any instruments marked with an asterisk.